A Case Study in Women's Workwear Solutions

We are proud to support companies like Cargill and Ardent Mills by providing innovative, inclusive, and comfortable workwear solutions to both Men and Women. Our journey with Cargill and Ardent Mills alike demonstrates how we can help other businesses find success in workwear and uniforms, ensuring all employees are equipped to work safely and comfortably.

Women's Workwear Initiative™

We want to empower your female workforce with our Women's Uniform Initiative™, offering workwear specifically designed for women's fit and style. Explore our initiative to learn more about how we're changing the workwear landscape for women.

Custom Workwear Solutions

Unleash your team's full potential with our Custom Workwear Solutions. Discover a variety of styles that promote comfort and unity while meeting individual needs. Let us find the perfect solution for your team and create an inclusive work environment.

Hear From Our Partners!

"Our Industry-Leading Women’s Uniform Project"

“Cosawove Workwear™ is an agile woman-owned supplier within our supplier diversity portfolio. They are not a specialized women’s uniform company, but when they heard that women’s uniforms and maternity uniforms didn’t exist, they made it their mission to bring women-focused options to Ardent Mills and ultimately to their larger customer base.”

- Adonica Rodriguez, Indirect Material & Services Buyer at Ardent Mills

"When it comes to uniforms, this woman-owned business is the right fit."

"Operations uniforms haven't always been inclusive, especially for women. That is why we're purchasing from a woman-owned business to supply more inclusive uniforms to our teams.… dare we even say a perfect fit? When it comes to working in operations, uniforms haven’t always accounted for people with varying body types — especially women.That’s why, through our supplier diversity efforts, we’re working with woman-owned apparel business Cosawove Workwear™ to supply more inclusive uniforms to women in some of our facilities."

- Cargill Diversity Supplier Team