Empowerment Through Workwear: The Hiviz and Covergalls' Vision for the Modern Workforce


The Hiviz is very excited to announce a collaboration with Covergalls Workwear! In this exciting partnership, we will be the first distributor to launch a co-brand with Covergalls products, introducing a unique co-branded line of workwear solutions that will be exclusively available on our website. These products will be available to our long standing relationships with current customers, as well as new markets. This collaboration is a significant milestone for us, and we are deeply honored to team up with the highly respected Covergalls team, who have an impressive ten-year history in the women's workwear industry.

Covergalls Workwear is a Canadian-based woman owned workwear manufacturing company that has been in the workwear industry for over a decade. They recognize the distinct challenges that women encounter in industrial positions and have designed their garments to accommodate all body types and styles, fostering inclusivity and comfort. 

Covergalls' extensive experience and remarkable success in creating innovative products for women's workwear have truly set them apart and introduced them as an excellent collaborative partner and a brand we proudly distribute.

COMING SOON: We are introducing 3 new co-branded products with Covergalls.



We are excited to offer all of Covergalls products on our website very soon. Until then, here are some of the amazing products we will offer soon!


Being that our journeys both began with a mutual commitment to addressing the unique needs of women in the workplace, we decided that a partnership would suit both of the needs we witnessed for the future of workwear. Our beginning journey’s began the same way: We pioneered customized maternity work attire, while Covergalls brought innovation to women's coveralls, named “Covergalls.” While we both focused on women’s needs in the market, it soon became clear that the demand for workwear extended beyond gender and size. Now, together, we're introducing a diverse range of modern and classic fits that cater to individuals of all genders, regardless of their size or body type. This introduction is a great way to ensure that everybody is taken care of and has properly fitting and approved workwear for their role. 


Our commitment to sustainability involves consistently implementing positive changes across all aspects of our business to show our respect and appreciation for the Earth we all inhabit. That's why our partnership with Covergalls resonates so well with our values and principles. Both of us share a strong commitment to sustainability, and a selection of our co-branded products are made from recycled materials.

Covergalls plays a vital role in our sustainability journey by providing recycled fabrics, a crucial component we aim to maintain as we work toward achieving B Corp status. Pursuing B Corp Status is in harmony with our values and serves as a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful difference.

In line with these efforts, we are thrilled to announce the introduction of Covergalls Workwear products in Cologne, Germany, at the Greener Manufacturing Show on November 8th and 9th. We are excited to showcase Covergalls' exceptional products and unveil their sustainability line to a broad audience!


As our partnership continues to grow, we eagerly anticipate expanding our collaborative range of garments. The Hiviz will maintain its role as a distributor for Covergalls Workwear and is excited to continue to develop and expand our co-branded line of workwear solutions in the future. We are excited to embrace this remarkable opportunity and are looking forward to a promising future with Covergalls Workwear. Together with Covergalls Workwear, we're paving the way for a more inclusive future, ensuring that everyone can excel in their work, one piece of clothing at a time.